Continuing Education


Below are documents that concern continuing education.  Click on the title to open the document.

CE Seminar Announ​cements Updated 4​/17/2024​ - Free Veterans CE's, WVU Traini​ngs on ADHD Intervention, and Self-Care Retreat Various organizations can apply to the Board for a specific course or set of c​ourses to be approved for psychology continuing education.  This document contains a listing of the courses that were Board approved.  Please note that psych​ologists can att​end psychological associations and/or complete continuing education online.  See the CE Guidelines below for what is required.  

CE Guidelines - Current guidelines for required continuing education for ​psychologists, school psychologists, and supervisees.   

CE Audit Form - At renewal time this document is used to list CE's that a psychologist, school psychologist or supervisee has taken during the last renewal period.  A copy of your completed document along with CE all certificates are required to be submitted with the renewal form and fee.  A c​opy of this form will be kept is the licensee's file as proof of CE's taken.  If you need copies of your certificates please make copies to submit to the Board as these will not be kept or returned. 

2022 CE Submission Application Form Psychologists - When an organization wishes to request that a CE course or seminar be approved for psychology CE's this is the form that is used.  Near the bottom of the form is a list of other materials are required with the submission.  Board approved CE's can be listed on the CE Seminar Announcement page if requested.  Credit card payments can be made on the home page of this website.  Other payment options are listed on the invoice page, which is page 2 of the attached document.