For the Supervisor

Becoming a Supervisor - If you are interested in mentoring a supervised psychologist this area contains information to be an approved supervisor.

Current Approved Supervisors - Updated 3/7/2024​​

Supervision Contract - This document lays out what is required as a supervisor.  See the various versions of supervision contracts below for a Doctoral, Master's, or School Psychologist Degrees.​

Forms for Starting Supervision​​

Quarterly Reports are completed by the supervisee.  The supervisor signs off on these reports prior to them being submitted to the Board office.  There are reports designed for psychologist supervisees and for school psychologist supervisees.  Copies of these reports and the instructions are below.

      For Psychologist - Quarterlies
      For School Psychologist
Changing Supervisors - If ending a supervisory relationship it is important to notify the Board as soon as possible.  You and your supervisee complete the demonstrable competency form and submit it to the Board office.
Continuing Education is required of supervisees, ten CE hours with 1.5 hours in ethics is required to renew a gold card.
  • EPPP - The Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology is required to be passed by supervised psychologists within their supervision period.  Master's candidates will need to take the test each year until passed and they have 5 attempts.  Doctoral candidates have 5 attempts within their supervision period.  Additional information is provided to supervisees once they are approved as supervised psychologists.
  • Praxis Exam - Supervised school psychologists are required to pass this exam at the level required to become certified by the National Association of School Psychologists.  They as well have 2 years to pass at this level.
Oral Examinations - Samples of oral examination forms are found in the *For the Supervisee* section.  These materials are provided to the supervisee by the Board office when they have completed the requirements for their supervision period.